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Rupa Natarajan, born in Varanasi, India, grew up inspired by the writings of Tagore. She was able to channel her interest in literature and arts through her early tutoring in watercolours under the very well-known artist, Robin Mukerjee. Rupa’s avid interest in reading and aesthetics were formulated as she used art as a means of expressing her imagination and passion.
Through a combination of persistence, talent and desire, she was accepted into the Government College of Art in Calcutta. She was one of only three women selected to enter Art College and the first time, paving the way for women artists in West Bengal. At the Government College of Art in Calcutta she refined her skills under the guidance of notable Indian artists including Satyan Ghoshal, Gopal Gosh, Chintamoni Kar and Raithin Mitra.
Not satisfied to learn art from only an Indian perspective, she expanded and rounded her formal art training through a two-year period at the New York School of Interior Design. At the Design School she gained a strong appreciation for balance, lighting and the importance of symmetry.

Career Overview
Her vast career has spanned over 35 years, during which she has sought to innovate and push her artistic capabilities whenever possible. While she focused predominantly on oil paintings and watercolours, the means in which she approaches her paintings continues to change. These changes include her innovative use of the palette knife, her surreal representation of images in her watercolours and her ability to capture the true essence of a person through her portraits. Furthermore, she is accomplished at designing and creating stained glass images – a skill she acquired while living in Hong Kong.
Rupa’s paintings have been appreciated by patrons around the world, as reflected by her numerous exhibitions. Her earlier exhibitions focused on the Indian Subcontinent including Calcutta, Delhi and Madras. Over the last 20 years, her works have been exhibited in Pasricha Gallery, London; Art Encounter Gallery, Las Vegas; Agora Gallery, New York. In Singapore, she has had over ten exhibitions. She is also known as a strong supporter of art in Singapore through efforts she has made in aiding arts schools and exhibitions. Additionally, she was a member of the panel to upgrade arts in the Singapore National Arts Council.
Background & Education